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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i'm right here on the fox business network for the intelligence report daily. have a terrific evening. i'll see you tomorrow. trade are you breaking news this morning. a stunning announcement from looper. travis calla nick leaving the company. train to a bombshell in politics as well. republicans taking house seats in georgia and south carolina. a look at what it means for donald trump in the mid-term elections. lauren: the dow down 61 points yesterday and dow futures down 16 points this morning. nasdaq futures down 22. cheryl: oil in bear market territory coming out over 20% since the month of february.
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with a look at what low oil prices from the move in oil. lauren: a new report shows that test for self driving car is not to blame for an accident that killed the driver last year. cheryl: amazon jumping on the try before you buy a bandwagon. but guess what, there is a hitch. lauren: thoroughly says. los angeles dodgers overpower the mets ahead of the nba draft. train to 85:01 a.m. in new york. this was a come at june 24th. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: i am lauren simonetti. you are watching reporter, your first look at morning markets and breaking news. train to breaking news this morning with a major shakeup at uber. kalanick with the major shakeup.
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lauren: tracee carrascas joining us. reporter: txo yesterday came under pressure after hours of drama who felt time off wasn't enough. after millions of dollars into the company and seen the valuations swelled to 70 billion, leading the charge, wanted to pick a shareholder, a benchmark which one of its partners bill burley is on uber's board. kalanick to step down in the letter delivered to him in chicago. kalanick said i love uber more than anything in the world. i had expect that the investors request to step aside so uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another faith. travis had always put uber first.
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this is a sign of his devotion and love for uber. his mother passing away in may after a post on transcoding accident. it began after former engineers detailed what she said was a sexual harassment complaint against the company leading to an investigation. fired more than 20 employees after an investigation and to make major changes in the work place starting with management at the top. cheryl: so many questions for the company, what this means for potential ipo. do we know what is next for kalanick? reporter: he is still going to remain on the board and have a lot of control of the company because has the majority of the voting shares. they're looking to fill his position as well as the chief financial officer, as well as to members of the board. lauren: who could be the next ceo?
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any names being thrown out? cheryl: tracie carrasco, thank you very much. breaking this morning, we have a winner in georgia. republican karen handel defeating democrat jon ossoff in the georgia special election to the most expensive house race in history with campaigns and outside groups combined with about a million dollars. >> to the jon ossoff supporters, note that it may commitment extends to everyone of you as well. we may have different beliefs, but we are part of one community, the community of the sixth district. cheryl: president trump tweeting congratulations to karen handel on her back when. fantastic job. we are all very proud of you. lauren: jon ossoff comment not able to recover from the
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backlash over not being an actual resident of the district. >> will show them we can still build coalitions rather than demonizing each other, we find common ground to move forward. cheryl: the democratic party fourth straight defeat to winning republican seat. special elections in montana in kansas. earlier yesterday, beating her cheaper now. democrats need to win 24 gop midterms if they want to retake control of the chamber. lauren: senate republicans to unveil their version of the health care bill tomorrow. the version would replace obamacare. >> we are going to layout a draft thursday morning. the bill to take a look at it.
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you heard from my colleague for likely highlights from it. and i want to compare to the house bill. they will speak for itself. it will be different. lauren: mitch mcconnell says the legislation will move to the floor next week as soon as lawmakers get a cost estimate. senate minority leader chuck schumer says the bill had been discussed in secret with no input from democrats if he says it's a problem. cheryl: president trump traveling to iowa. he is going to tour a college in cedar rapids. the center for innovation in the agricultural area. the visit to kirkwood community college, part of the technology week the president will make remarks at the event. tonight, trampled and make america great again rally in cedar rapids. fox news will have live coverage tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern
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time. lauren: major shakeup in the saudi arabian families. saudi arabia is deputy crown prince mohammed al solman with promoted to crown prince after the 31-year-old son, the next ruler of the kingdom. his constant has been relieved of his post. mohamed also becomes deputy prime minister and keeps his defense by the time he faces escalating tensions with qatar and iran and is engaged in air war in yemen. cheryl: overseas right now, security very tight in belgium train stations. on high alert after a man blew himself up in an explosive device after central station. batman has died. >> the suspect neutralized.
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there were no other guns. this is considered a terrorist attack. cheryl: security agent said he shouted all the while bar. central station. heavy presence this morning. europe's third attack in three days. belgium on high alert. on the subway station march of last year. lauren: we begin in asia. the shanghai composite. finally added after several attempts to the emerging market index. rather as for the hang seng hong kong done half of 1%. and the cost in south korea. >> even after the incident in belgium have a european stocks started to see a little bit of weakness here.
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the ftse down by 20. the dax down almost 77. transfer the third starting to test the market will bear. u.s. stock prices or ferry this morning. dow futures down 15, s&p down five at nasdaq down 21. oil is a big reason for the receipt. cheryl: yesterday moving into bear market territory. since the month of february, giving us a bear market number of oil now done 7 cents this morning. gold up by almost four bucks. lauren: of oil prices back into bear market territory. down for the time in figure 23rd. berg filtered from senior economist at wells fargo. will we see oil, is it going to go down to the 30s?
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>> as possible. it's hard to get a handle on the short-term. there is no question that the market is oversupplied. global demand seems to be reviving but now that quickly. just a watch in oil in the united states. >> wondered what that means for the u.s. economy. they have been under pressure with the excess supply your mentioning if there's more job losses, production starts to slow down, does that hurt the u.s. economy? >> it could potentially hurt as the second half of the year. we've seen a rebound in the energy sector over the last year. if you go back to weather the recession ended come the energy sector cannot for one third of u.s. gdp growth since the last recession. it has been a big driver of growth. accounting for the largest single chunk of economic growth of any metropolitan area in the country.
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our fastest-growing metro area although it slowed the last two years. it was the most important area of economic growth. transfer the slowdown in outages affect teen the economy. drillers in the u.s. will slow or stop drilling because they can't make a profit. in a way between the opec production cuts at a potential slowdown in the u.s., will it take lot of oil off the market? >> as possible. the permian basin is the largest oil field in the united states. the breakeven cost they were considered less than $40. every time the price comes down, it makes fewer and fewer projects viable. if they do stabilize, we are likely to see production cutback. tranter we've got to leave it there. >> oil inventory numbers today.
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a lot more on fdma and. the republican victory in church a special election four gop control of the house. two strategies in politics who have skin in the game. the driver killed in a tesla self driving car accident may actually be to blame. u.s. stock index futures slightly down today. you are watching "fbn:am." we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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drained to 85:15 a.m. here in new york. let's get to caught up on what's happening now. an american fighter jet shot down an american made drone yesterday. the drone shot down in syria. this is the third time in two weeks this has brought an approaching aircraft. investigators say a driver killed in an accident while using test was partially self driving car ignored repeated warnings to put his hands on the wheel. the report provides new details about what is believed to be the first deadly crash involving an american driver relied on self driving technology.
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oracle reported earnings after the close today. calling for earnings that 70 cents a share. we'll have those numbers for you. oracle shares up more than 19% so far this year. as far as u.s. stock index futures on your wednesday, the dow, s&p and nasdaq right now. that is what is happening now. lauren: thank you, cheryl paid a big victory for republicans in one of the high-stakes election so far we've seen for congress. what does it mean for the balance of power on the hill? joining us now from fort o'connell, republican strategists who were in the 2008 reelection bill for saxby chambliss. also joining us, robyn biro, democratic strategist in the georgia runoff election. good to see both of you. >> good to be here, ladies. lauren: is this for democrats to take control of the house?
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>> they threw the kitchen sink at georgia six and they lost it. banquet for trump in the republican party. really a psychological dagger. they wanted to in basically to boost candidate recruitment and show something that they could take down trump. frankly, they've got nothing to show for it. cheryl: robin, you have to ask yourself what the democrats will do right now. they needed a district that this expenditure just to flip the house. didn't get it. what is that going to be dumping me to retake a few things this morning? >> to be honest with you, we are eating humble pie. this is always an uphill battle that has been in democratic since the carter administration. a 30-year-old candidate, his first time writing in a heavily republican district. we had our work cut out for us. we gave it everything we had.
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there are a lot of consequences specifically as we had to 2018. i still say this is more of an impact here in georgia as far as statewide races. we've got the gubernatorial race, race for secretary of state. those candidates specifically hoping for a win. they needed this so they could do fund raising and really get the word for those campaigns. >> i agree with you there, robyn. had jon ossoff on this morning he be doing a dance on the head. in all honesty, the white working-class voters at least nationally. you do have to win this district. it does mean republican. it has been in republican control but it's not trump country. he won this by 125% and is the most educated in terms of college-educated district in turn control. if you can pick this up right now, it tells me your hatred message is not going to win you back the house.
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lauren: what does it say about nancy pelosi? her name was brought up by republicans. >> most definitely in a referendum on nancy pelosi. i will say that assad did not run a campaign against current. he knew that trump had a 45% approval rating so he did not run a campaign specifically against tribe. his campaign is much more positive. to your point, i disagree with you there that it was against tribe. this was the most funded campaign and campaign history. >> it comes to a point. how are you going to come up with a message specific for district that hillary clinton won in 2016 if you get the 24 seats but. the democratic party has soul-searching and dodged a bullet. >> agree to disagree.
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thank you very much. good customs towards ms. for you. a lot of last-minute maneuvering ahead of the draft. and then there is space. >> i will find you. no matter how long it takes, we will find you. >> daniel day-lewis is leaving hollywood. we will tell you why coming up on transcendent. -- "fbn:am."
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>> my soul reaches -- are the imac i drink your milkshake. i drink it out. lauren: hollywood's most renowned after leaving the silver screen. daniel day-lewis acting career has spent over four decades announcing his retirement at the six-year-old won three oscars for her performances in there will be blood, lincoln. he's the only got her to ever receive three oscars for best that her. no reason was given for his retirement. when it hits theaters this december. traded to the dodgers are enjoying a power surge.
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corey steger puts on a show. three home runs for the second time in his career, leaving a five hour leaving a five hour attack in the dodgers finishing with six rbis. hollinger but the 20s of the year. nine home runs the last two games. the yankees now with the losing streak facing off against the angels. the judge gets old and drastic to deep right center. leading 24th of the season. the seventh inning tied at three. putting the angels back on top at the fifth home run of the year. banks have now lost seven straight. tomorrow, nba draft now wheeling and dealing.
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and the brooklyn that to the overall pick with the second overall pick in the 2016 draft. the new york knicks huntsville several calls. they took the seven footer at the fourth pick of the 2016 draft. the eighth pick in this draft. cheryl: coming up under pressure. cooper's controversial ceo travis kalanick stepping down. who's in line to replace him. a victory for republicans in georgia. >> it is that fighting spirit that i would take to washington and it will be the driving force
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for u.s.a. represent you. >> what does the democratic left wing for next year's midterm election? you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ uptown girl ♪ now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> pay the lady. >> i killed it myself. >> next. he told me he wanted mustard. times have get outta here. ♪i would have liked you anyway♪ cheryl: breaking news. a stunning announcement from hightailing giant transport to the cofounder and ceo has resigned. travis kalanick no longer running but still in power. >> republicans seeking house seats in georgia and south carolina. take a look at what the victories mean for donald trump's agenda next year. >> stock prices under pressure from falling oil prices on tuesday as the dow was down 61 points at the close as far as features go right now the dow, s&p and nasdaq all pointing to a slightly lower open.
5:31 am
>> let's dig into oil prices now officially a bear market territory, which means they are down 20% from the recent high in february. look at where oil prices higher. $43.44 a barrel. what does this mean for equities in the overall economy. trade to amazon jumping on the try before you buy bandwagon. >> a dressing room. the southeastern united states bracing for a foot of rain. increased towards the coast. janice dean tracking it all for you. she will be here with the latest. >> i cannot find my t-shirt. good morning, everyone. 5:41 a.m. in new york. it is wednesday, june 21st good good morning. i am cheryl casone. lauren: welcome to "fbn:am,"
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your first look at morning markets and breaking news. major shakeup at bluebird, the founder travis kalanick. >> tracee carrascas has more detail. what is going on? >> good morning, ladies. this is a real u-turn from last week's announced med that travis kalanick would take a leave of absence. lots of drama involving investors who felt time off wasn't enough. after putting millions of dollars into the company has seen the valuation to 7 billion, the shareholders said kalanick had to go, and one of the bigger shareholders, venture capital benchmark which has one of its partners bill gurley on hoover's board. they may demand to step down in a letter delivered to end all in chicago. in a statement given to "the new york times," kalanick said i love goober more than anything in the world. at this difficult moment in my personalized and accepted the
5:33 am
investors are priced to go back to building rather than be hit with another fight. responding with a statement that has always put a bold decision in his devotion and love for uber. he's taken the time to heal from his personal tragedy while giving room to fully embrace the chapter in history. we look forward to continuing to have them on the board. troubles began earlier this year after a farmer sexual-harassment the company leading to more complaints than internal investigation. uber recently fired 20 employees after an investigation into the culture enough to make major changes in the work place starting with management. the personal tragedy, his mother passed away in a boating accident. lauren: that is true. i company operating without a ceo, cfo and ceo. what is next for the leadership
5:34 am
team? >> operating with the 14 member committee. the board is looking for a new ceo. a cfo really have to do some searching right now. >> he still got the stake in the company. >> he really does. he'll still be around. cheryl: thank you so much good the big story all over fox business network. this story breaking this morning. karen handled this morning. jon ossoff 52, 48% in the special election. the most expensive house race in history with campaigns and outside groups with about $50 million. >> to the jon ossoff reporters, know that this extends to everyone of you as well. we may have different beliefs but they are one part of one community. >> president trump began last night congratulations to karen handled on her big wave.
5:35 am
we are all very proud of you. lauren: sabonis a 30-year-old documentary filmmaker not able to recover from the backlash over not being a resident of the district. >> we show them that we can still build coalitions of people who may not see eye to eye on everything, rather than demonizing each other, we find a ground to move forward. lauren: another loss for the democratic party and the fourth straight seat this year to win a republican seat. democrat for special elections in montana and earlier yesterday republican roster amid polls are cheaper now and south carolina. democrats need to win 24 gop house seats to retake control of the house. >> and senate republicans not to unveil their version of the
5:36 am
house bill tomorrow. the version would replace obamacare. >> we are going to lay out discussions thursday morning. you go to take a look at it. i think you heard from my colleagues the likely highlights of the. i wouldn't want to compare it to the house bill. it will be different. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell also said the legislation will move to the floor next week as lawmakers get a cost estimate from the congressional budget office. senate minority leader chuck schumer says the bell has been discussed in secret with no input from democrats. he met the pressures on greater legislative win under their belt before the recess. resident trump traveling to iowa to to work at college in cedar rapids that is recognized as innovation in the agriculture
5:37 am
sector. the visit to kirkwood community college, the president will also make marks at that event tonight. trump although they make america great again rally in cedar rapids. fox business will have live coverage of a speech at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. cheryl: moving overseas now. a shakeup at the saudi arabian oil family. a surprise move overnight. saudi arabia is crown prince, mohammad bin salman. that confirms salman's son is the ruler. his cousin, crown prince al-arabiya becomes deputy prime minister and keeps his and other portfolios. changes are coming at it time when they are reach an escalating tensions and an air war in yemen. cheryl: security tight at train
5:38 am
stations involved a master of men blew up an explosive device at city central station. that man now dead. >> there immediately after. there are no other guns as a terrorist attack. >> a security agent said the suspect shouted allahu akbar. a larger bomb found to go off. they know who the man is that they have not released his identity. central station now open station now opened that heavy police presence in the area. this is the third attack this week alone. belgium has been on high alert since suicide bombers killed 32 people at the airport in the subway station in march of last year. >> was turned to how markets are doing. first to asia. the hang seng down slightly.
5:39 am
shanghai china up about half a percent. korea's past begun half a percent. trade the lower price is playing out in your good the ftse in london down 24 points. the cac down almost 60. cheryl: the energy stocks going to be the group to watch today. u.s. stock futures pointed to a lower open. the dow point number 28. s&p down by seven. we've got a key inventory report cheryl: a lot of things to watch. we are going to get a day-to-day on the housing market. existing home sales in may coming out later this morning. mark bittner, economist. let's talk about your estimate the shots in the housing sector. what are you looking for? >> the housing sector and the
5:40 am
weaknesses as a result of supply. there aren't enough homes available for sale. we are looking for less than a 1% change at 5,557,000,000 units this past month in an increase of 1%. >> what your prospects for getting tax reform done in the appeal of obamacare past? >> well, you think they'll have to do something on health care before they can get the tax reform. at the order of operations there. the markets are probably getting a little too pessimistic recently. they are more likely to happen than not happy. the election results yesterday. cheryl: a lot of investors looking for buying opportunity. i am wondering, we were looking at some of the housing names a moment ago with interest rates heading up, making their moves. you think i will have an overall negative effect on what we will
5:41 am
see with the economy and housing? >> well, the economy late this year or in 28 t. meadowbank will have an impact on housing. long-term interest rates have come down and that's one of the things happening behind the scenes. the short term rates and long-term rates came down because investors are little concerned about what's going on in the world could lower oil prices are likely to hold inflation down. not just in the near term but probably a couple years out. but if long-term rates low and are still awfully low. they are closer to their all-time lows. >> how low do you expect them to go? the opec production cuts not having much effect and we are oversupply in the u.s. >> it's really hard to predict as long as the global economy is growing. oil falling much below the 30s
5:42 am
sally none of the rages on as the global economy is going. if we go into recession and we are oversupply, we could see prices drop below that. cheryl: mark bittner, great to have you on this morning and another wonderful tale of suspenders. lauren: coming up, the pentagon's wasteful spending on uniforms for afghanistan soldiers. we will tell you more about that. scary moment as the plane hits turbulence. what caused the turbulence. we will be right back. ♪ at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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lauren: 5:45 on the data. the fbi holding a news conference today to report findings into the shooting last week at the republican baseball practice in virginia. the fbi leading the investigation into james hodgkinson killed by police after shooting house majority whip steve scalise and for others. the pentagon wasted as much as $28 million over the past decade fighting uniforms for the afghan army with the woodland camouflage pattern. it covers only 2% of afghanistan's total land area.
5:46 am
the defense minister pegs the cost of a pattern over the pre-camouflage owned by the u.s. government by the way. amazon has announced a new program that lets customers try on clothes in their own home with no obligation to purchase the item and amazon will pick them up for free. the new pram wardrobe plan allows you to order can only be charged for the ones you keep. the service will be an option for members of amazon prime service if you keep in a fight ensued a discount. the market pulling back this morning. the biggest selling and nasdaq futures than 1%. dow futures down a 10th of 1% of energy continues to sell off. cheryl: obviously investors continue to watch and monitor. what's happening with washington and the agenda. the special election in georgia could add some wind back into the republicans and their agenda in washington.
5:47 am
let's bring in right now democratic strategists ford o'connell. good morning. ford, you are smiling and i know why. do you think the wins in georgia and south carolina holstered the gop power ticket stuff done? >> absolutely. if democrat jon ossoff, they would've gotten weak kneed and scared of their own shadow. what will happen now is full speed ahead for trump agenda. when we can get the obamacare replacement will be on the tax reform. lauren: senate republicans have been drafting the new health care bill behind closed doors. mitch mcconnell the majority leader wants to put it on the floor as soon as possible. are these going to backfire? >> your dr. we saw john mccain yesterday. he said as far as the health care bill, no american has seen
5:48 am
it, but he was sure russia had. that was awful. and then donald trump himself last week said the current plan and dizzy just said committees have been behind closed doors during the call hearing. the issue i stirred his transparency. >> totally disagree with you. there are three things i know to be true on this earth or death, taxes and the democrats are never going to help us on the obamacare replacement though. it is necessary to get yes. we can only lose to republican votes and get this through and then we have to fight it out anyway whether it grows on a conference or the house for them. >> this was necessary to get yes. >> ford, i want to say look at obamacare. we accepted over 500 republican
5:49 am
amendment family worked together to get obamacare. this is a deadly game in terms of their electoral process. this is what they promise to respect which wins the white house. whether or not donald trump is the president, congressional republicans deliver on their promise to the american people or they should go home. cheryl: really quick, rabin, paul ryan first, would you think? >> as long as it's transparent, let's see what we've got. we've got to get the repeal and replace and worked with the health care issue. lauren: wrap it up for us via >> tax reform -- the only question is whether his permanent. they will get something through.
5:50 am
it puts money back into the hands of hard-working americans. >> i think it goes because we have a lot of house districts on energy and retail and this will hurt them. no need to keep sharon voters in the backside. cheryl: for a spirited debate that is spoken all of a sudden this morning. lauren: so good to have you. no relief from the scorching heat. tropical storm taking aim at the gulf coast. meteorologist janice dean coming up with your forecast. mattel unveiling the modern ken doll. but has he gone too far? different variations of rb's boyfriend. that coming up next.
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cheryl: 10 people boarding united airlines jet entered when the plane hit turbulence. panama teased them, texas. nine passengers and one crew member were taken not those for evaluation after the plane landed in houston. weather satellite images showing the storm clouds and airy as tropical storm cindy fast approaches. lauren: she certainly does get keeping a close eye on the tropical storm. meteorologist janice dean live in the weather center with the very latest. >> we are watching 60-mile per hour sustained winds. don't look at the con here
5:55 am
because the effects of that well east of the center of circulation and the legacy is going to be very heavy rain. also the potential for tornadoes with the landfalling systems. we tornadoes could cause some damage. landfall overnight tonight into tomorrow and begin mainly of flooding potential event for the gold coast up toward tennessee, mississippi and ohio river valley. we could get upwards of six to 10, even 12 inches of rainfall. the other big story, extreme heat across california, southwest where we still have warnings come excessive heat warnings. of course we saw flight cancellations in the phoenix area. one await in phoenix, 119 in palm springs. 115 and lost vegas. the heat is ongoing. tropical storm cindy you will be followed over the next couple days with the extreme heat across the southwest.
5:56 am
still something worth watching. lauren: extreme weather no doubt. cheryl: coming up, first it was barbie getting out. now her boyfriend has some new style to show you. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ ♪
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starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate visit today trained her well, barbie's good friend ken is having a midlife crisis you could say. last year barbie got a body makeover. ken thompson 15 different styles, slab and broad body type. he's also getting seven different skin tones, nine hairstyles. >> also use adopted several modern look. you've got pressure can commit beach guy can and change to keep up with rb. another real reason for all of this. last year you may remember slim, tall versions of derby.
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we did that story on the fox business network. it actually helped turnaround sagging sales for the company. mattel knows what they are doing. lauren: barbie and ken are icons. maria bartiromo, good morning to you. i'm sure your member dolls. >> yes, getting my head around this new look for ken. maria: thanks, gross. thanks for joining us. maria bartiromo. happy wednesday. it is wednesday, june 21st. top stories right now, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. uber ceo travis kalanick has resigned. investors push them out after months of crisis. a major blow to democrats or republicans hold onto to key congressional seats in yesterday's special election. karen handel beat jon ossoff in the most expensive house race


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